2014 Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Reissue
Washed Cherry VOS

Burst slingers like Gary Rossington, Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page, Peter Green, Duane Allman and Slash have known all along, the '58 Les Paul is the Holy Grail of guitars. The '58 was the first Burst with two humbucking pickups! It's all about the wood, the tone and the magic!

In 2006 the Gibson Custom Shop proudly introduced the Vintage Original Spec series of historic solid body guitars. When you pick up a VOS guitar, you will experience the culmination of more than 20 years of effort to give you the look, feel, and sound of a $300,000 original. They started with playability and their revolutionary process ensures precise fret work and a perfectly cut nut on every guitar. Frets are leveled, shaped, and crowned to exacting specifications - unique to each individual instrument - and will extend a bit further towards the binding, giving you more surface area. The nut is carefully hand-shaped to give it a more rounded, vintage look. The feel of the neck is just like it ought to be...FAT and together with a rolled fingerboard binding, you will experience an incredibly comfortable feel. Using a proprietary process that includes unique steps for staining, wet-sanding, and hand-rubbing gives the guitar the look and feel of a well cared for 47-year-old Standard. The hardware also goes through a new proprietary process, giving it the look you'd expect to see after decades of natural oxidation. And finally, the edges of the neck heel and peghead are softened, lending the guitar a gently worn-in appearance and comfort. You will experience an instrument that faithfully recreates the most sought-after classics - down to the smallest details.

Gibson Custom's Historic Reissue series is an ongoing quest to recapture the craft and performance of their original guitars and the 2014's are the latest and the greatest ever! These are the guitars that we've all been waiting for and now that they are here, we are really excited to report they were worth the wait! These guitars represent painstaking attention to detail, attractiveness and tone.

Here's whats new...

2014 Gibson 1958 Historic Reissue Specifications

Single layer Rosewood fingerboards with real celluloid inlays

Aniline dye
Aniline dye is a vintage woodcraft coloring material and technique that results in superior wood grain presentation and depth of color

Kluson "Deluxe" Green Keys
These "new" tuning keys are as near a replica of the original Kluson tuners as is available. They feature the proper vintage profile, color and performance specifications

Hot Hide Glue Neck-Fit
Many argue that the original hide-glue guitars have a different tone than those with synthetic glue
One-piece rosewood fingerboard

Custom Bucker Pickups created in the image of the original PAFs
These are the most accurate recreation of the original 50's PAF pickups to date

Historic Truss Rod Assembly
Re-engineered truss rod, truss rod washer and anchor to their original form
Original vintage Gibsons did not have the "tubing" that surrounds the truss rod of modern Gibsons

Accurate Vintage Color Fingerboard and Body Binding
A darker cream color to match the original 50's Gibsons

Back colors have been reformulated to capture the deeper, richer tones of the original 50's Gibsons.

This 2014 Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Reissue is finished in a beautiful Washed Cherry finish just like the original Sunbursts that swept the nation, only faded a bit to look like an original Burst would look today. This is everybody's favorite. You just can't keep one in stock! And the top on this guitar is KILLER! It's got the flametop of an R9, absolutely stunning with lots of flecking and rolls of grain that look like waves in the ocean. They don't usually put a top like this on an R8! They save these beauties for the more expensive R9's, so BONUS!!!! AND! This guitar is extremely resonant and light, weighing ONLY 8 lbs. 13 oz! The neck is nice and fat but very comfortable measuring .940 at the first fret and 1.030 at the 12th. The TONE is AWESOME, warm and FAT with a HUGE midrange HONK and sweet treble! The frets are nice and large, for wider bends and the guitar has a huge presence with incredible sustain. Everything a Les Paul ought to be...soulful, powerful and strong! This guitar is 100% MINT, AS NEW, UNOWNED and AWESOME! It comes complete with the Gibson Custom case, certificate of authenticity and pure MOJO!

Feel the Power!
The Power of the Paul!


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