1964 Gibson SG Special

You don't have to be a Legend to appreciate the sound and the soul of the SG Special! This sculptured, fast-playing, versatile high-power classic has been driving rock, pop and blues for 50 years. It's stripped down mentality and cutting tone made it a favorite of early punk and rock musicians alike. This guitar is one of the all-time hard rockin' favorites! The influence of the P90 equipped SG of the mid 60's spanned the rock genre and has notably been played by Pete Townshend, Dickey Betts, Duane Alman, Jimmy Page, Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Carl Perkins, Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and the list goes on.

The Gibson SG Special was introduced in 1961 with a double pointed cutaway style body, two p-90 soap bar pickups, dot inlays, pearl Gibson logo on the peghead, nickel hardware, wrap around tailpiece, mahogany body, bound neck, cherry red finish and a small pickguard. In 1965 larger pickguards were fitted surrounding the pickups. This 1964 model has the same specs as the earliest model.

This guitar is ALL ORIGINAL AND IN NEAR MINT CONDITION and it comes complete with the original hardshell case also in near mint condition. In reality considering, this guitar is 48 year old, I would call it's condition vintage mint, under the bed, beautiful! The Cherry finish is beautifully checked like only many years of living and loving can do! There some finish fading on the back of the neck. The serial number is 244090 and the pots codes are 13763XX on two and the other two are 13764XX. Everything correctly dates this guitar to 1964. The original frets are in excellent shape with plenty of life in them. It really looks like this guitar has never been played. Owned by a collector, this guitar has been well care for. The guitar is super light, weighing 6 lbs. 13 oz. The thickness of the neck measures .82 at the 1st fret and .99 at the 12th. Feels great in your hand. The neck is like glass. This guitar is a blast to play! She's a collectors prize and a players dream!

The SG Special features a slim, lightweight mahogany body paired with 2 P-90 single coil pickups. Now, mix that POWERFUL P-90 crunch with a chunky mahogany neck and you've really got a guitar that GROWLS! For blues and early rock you can't beat this guitar. It's very well balanced with fantastic midrange bark from the original P90s. This guitar sounds great clean or with some overdrive/distortion. Distorted this baby has a real nasty growl which is great for gritty dirty and bluesy type tunes. Roll back the volume and it's clean, jazzy and big. You just can't live without this guitar!


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