1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

For all of you who have followed the evolution of the legendary Les Paul and for those of you who have searched for the Holy Grail...

Put down your sword and pick up your axe!

There have been many great guitars throughout Gibson's long and storied history as a maker of musical instruments, but only one remains the definitive pinnacle of electric solid body guitar design. That guitar is the Les Paul Standard. Coveted by both players and collectors as the ultimate example of playability, attractiveness and tone, the iconic Les Paul Standard simply has no equal.

In mid 1969 the Les Paul Standard was renamed "Les Paul Deluxe". The Les Paul Deluxe was introduced with a four piece pancake body, 2 mini-humbuckers, a 3 piece neck and a goldtop finish. In 1972 full size humbucker pickups were optional until 1976 when the Les Paul Standard was re-introduced with the larger humbucker pickups. From 1970 to 1985 when the Les Paul Deluxe was discontinued, the features basically stayed the same accept for minor detail changes. The Les Paul Deluxe was produced in various beautiful colors such as cherry red sunburst, red wine, goldtop, blue sparkle and red sparkle. However 1975 was the only year for Natural which makes this guitar so rare. This guitar has a beautiful blister maple top which is probably the reason Gibson finished this guitar in Natural. It was just too beautiful to cover!

The beauty of the burst is an incredible thing, but of all the beautiful bursts, the rarest is the Blister Burst. Blister maple can be found on the sides and backs of 1930's Gibson guitars and mandolins. However, it is an extreme rarity on Les Paul tops and this 1975 Les Paul Deluxe is one of those very rare beauties! The grain of the wood looks something like the surface of the moon. It's truly a wonder of nature. Blister maple is Eastern Maple which is also well known as an incredible tone wood.There's an extra snap in the tonal characteristics of a Blister Top Les Paul. It's this kind of raw wood, "the good wood" that captured the mojo of the legendary Les Paul Standard! Found in less than 1 in 1,000 trees, this kind of Flame Maple is very hard in texture and reflective, capturing stress between the flames of grain and producing a loud, powerful projective sound.

This guitar is a Natural wonder, a collectors prize and a players dream. She's ALL ORIGINAL and in EXCELLENT CONDITION, COMPLETE WITH THE ORIGINAL HARDSHELL CASE! The serial number, 99-123139 and the pot codes (137745x) all correctly date this guitar to an early '75. She's light on your back and extremely resonate. Tone and sustain is amazing. She's sweet, soulful and powerful with lots of mid range GROWL!

Feel the Power!
The Power of the Paul!


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