2009 Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Reissue All-Mahogany Futura

They finally got it right!

The Gibson Futura introduced and shown at the 1957 NAMM trade show resembled the eventual Explorer design, but had a differently-proportioned body, as well as a 'split' or 'forked' headstock. Gibson's designers made a very few, perhaps 4, of these prototypes between 1957 and early 1958. One of these prototypes, a Mahogany model recently sold at Christie's for $300,000.

In 1996 Gibson introduced as a limited edition the "1957 Futura Korina Reissue" which is something of a misnomer, since none of the originals were made of Korina. This is not that model.

This is the first 1957 Reissue All-Mahogany Futura, built just like the original with a solid Mahogany body and neck, to the the exact specs as the original 1957 model, with what else but 1957 Classic Pickups. This Gibson Custom Shop Historic model is limited to perhaps 4 appropriately representing the 4 original 1957 prototypes.

The mahogany body, rounded mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, '57 Classic pickups, and every other detail is crafted to precisely match 1957 specs. This is the perfect solid-bodied guitar, weighing in at 7.9 lbs., it's light and super resonate. The humbucking pick-ups combined with the light weight wood produce a bright, clear tone with a brilliant cutting edge to it. The Futura's intense magnetic appeal, powerful sound, and unusual shape have made it one of the most instantly recognizable guitars in the world and a favorite among progressive rockers, even to this day.

This guitar is the ultimate in style and substance.

BRAND NEW! This guitar comes complete with the Certificate of Authenticity from the Gibson Custom Historic Division, the original Gibson Custom Black Hardshell case, goodie bag, hang tags, vintage reissue cord and ton's of MOJO!

It's the MOJO of the MASTERS!

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