Everybody is talking about Teye Guitars and all the major guitar magazines have given Teye Guitars rave reviews! They have found their way into the hands of players and artists all over the world. Born in the Netherlands, Teye studied flamenco guitar in Spain before relocating to Austin, Texas. Through his years as a professional musician, Teye kept a running bitch list of problems that frustrated him with guitars he could buy. When it grew too long, he decided the time was right to build himself a guitar to right those wrongs. He became friends with legendary British maker Tony Zemaitis, and today remains inspired by Zemaitis' work. Yet while Zemaitis guitars are oh-so-English in style, Teye's adornments lean on his fascination with flamenco.

The Apache

The new Teye L-series Apache obviously mimics the shape of a Zemaitis-style Les Paul, but it's an animal all of its own! The Teye-L-series Apache has the new 2015 graphics that are meant to closely emulate Teye’s hand-engraved Master series guitars but at 2/3 of the price. The body and neck are mahogany with a beautifully figured maple cap. A beautifully figured ebony fretboard with with the Teye-inlay leads to the two Jason Lollar humbuckers with proprietary electronics, bridge, and locking tailpiece. All this beauty is finished with a hand-rubbed Luthier's oil finish. And if that doesn't blow you away, the new Teye-electronics including the MOJO Analog Spectrum Modeller circuit will! The tone is gloriously clear, with a suitably in-your-face attack; this guitar thrives on gain and bite. There is so much soul to this guitar! There is a great deal of depth, dimension and versatility as well. The tone is so warm and soulful that it gives you chills but yet it has the strength to cut right through a horn section. The new MOJO circuitry is much more powerful than the previous Mood circuitry and accentuates the attributes of the circuitry in a way that the Mood never could. In other words the MOJO gets the job done! The five-way selector offers in-between settings with the pickups out of phase, and this is where things start getting exciting. The Teye Apache produces everything from that big LP sound to the Telle twang. You get it all from the the Teye Apache.

Body wood: select Mahogany, with Maple top
Neck wood: select Mahogany
Fingerboard: bound Ebony with the Teye-inlay
Scale length: 25.5"
Nut width: 1.75"
Aluminum plates: Acid etched, Teye's Apache Mosaic artwork
Headstock: Etched Apache logo plate
Bridge: proprietary Teye SuperSustain-bridge
Tailpiece: proprietary Teye SuperSustain-tailpiece
Tuners: Grover Super Rotomatic Imperials
Pick-ups: 2x Custom-wound Jason Lollar Humbuckers
Electronics: Teye's New Electronics: 2x Volume; Master Tone; Master MOJO
Control knobs: proprietary Teye knobs and switch tip
Finish: Teye's hand-rubbed Luthier's oil finish
This guitar comes with the custom-fit TKL-Vectra case and full warranty.

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