Everybody is talking about Teye Guitars and all the major guitar magazines have given Teye Guitars rave reviews! Teye Guitars have found their way into the hands of players and artists all over the world.

Teye guitars could easily be mistaken for a Zemaitis, but that observation would only be skin deep. Teye guitars are works of art and MORE! Hand built in the USA to a standard far above the finest quality guitars, these guitars are like no other! The difference is in the electronics! Teye's electronics with a 5-way switch produce the usual humbucker sounds, but with an extra Peter Green sound! Taking guitar construction to new artistic heights has been a basic tenet since their inception. Mastermind Dutch born luthier Teye Wijnterp, an accomplished guitarist, forged his concept of playable art during years of touring. Today, players around the world, including Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes, Zac Brown, Mick Taylor and Grammy-nominated guitarist Joe Taylor among others know that Teye guitars are more than beautiful objects. These guitars sound great! Even Les Paul loves Teye Guitars!

2014 Teye E-Series La Llama Korina

Teye guitars are works of art and this one is certainly no exception. This is one of the guitars that Teye took to the NAMM Show in Anaheim California this year. The NAMM Show is one of the largest music trade shows in the world. Companies show their latest and their greatest at NAMM and that's exactly what this guitar represents - Teye's latest and greatest.

This Teye La Llama features engraved aluminum metal parts on a trans yellow flamed Maple cap that is sunk into a one piece Korina body. La Llama means the flame in Spanish which is the perfect name for this guitar as it has one of the most gorgeous flame Maple tops I've ever seen and the translucent yellow finish really accentuates the beautiful flame. The Korina back features Teye's very unique Shipwreck Hand-rubbed Oil finish on the back and neck. The neck is also Korina. This guitar is stunning with it's chrome hardware and laser engraved aluminum pickup rings, tailpiece, switch plate, pickguard and headstock plate. But, this guitar is not just another pretty face. Yes, flame Maple is beautiful and extremely rare, but it is also an excellent tone wood. It's extremely resonate and well balanced and matched with the Korina back and neck, this guitar doesn't let up...it can do anything! Korina puts out a warm buzz which makes it smoke during speed riffs and solos. Korina wood remains one of the most exotic, if not the most exotic, guitar-making wood in the world. The mere mention of Korina wood in the same breath with a guitar makes many guitarists and collectors drool. This wood makes the guitar light and flexible while playing and promotes sustain. Plus! This Teye La Llama is loaded with two Jason Lollar custom-wind pickups and Teye's proprietary circuitry, with 2x Volume, Tone, and Mood knobs, so you've got a LOT more under the hood than meets the eye. Teye adds a Mood knob, which controls a proprietary circuit that aims for single-coil sounds. As you roll it off, you can hear a less-bassy sound emerge that speaks to Fender-like tones, especially when you tweak it with the Volume knobs. From blues to all manner of rock to country and more, this guitar does it all!

Teye guitars stand apart thanks mostly to their necks and electronics. When you pick up this guitar, you will immediately notice the wider nut, a modest taper down the neck and low action. The thickness of the neck measures .840 at the first fret and .900 at the 12th. This beauty comes with Grover deluxe imperial Rotomatics, a 24 fret bound ebony 25.5" scale fretboard with the Teye Bedouin mother-of-pearl inlay. There's also an ornately shaped rear plate because Teye leaves no stone unturned. This guitar is a collectors prize and a players dream. Lightweight too weighing only 8 lbs. 11 ozs! Teye guitars are all-hand-made in the USA. Check it out.

This guitar comes with the custom-fit TKL-Vectra case and full warranty.

$7050 includes domestic shipping

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