About Us

Route 66 Classic Guitars - from the very beginning - has been a labor of love.

Janine and Jim found that they not only shared a passion for each other but for fine classic guitars. Combining their guitar collections, the quest for new and broader acquisitions continued. Along the way, prized pieces were traded and sold to make room for more recent arrivals; hence a business was borne.

Nowadays guitars are bought and sold each day and responsibilities of the business are shared by the entire family.

The main objective still remains - place quality guitars with quality people who will care for them and provide a good home. Jim can be found most days traveling and following up on leads for new guitars in some out of the way places while Janine answers questions, responds to E-Mails and ships guitars.

So, if you are looking for a fine, classic or vintage guitar contact Route 66 Classic Guitars. They take pride in providing the very best guitars to the very greatest players and collectors. And, if you happen to be traveling thru the hills of Missouri, find Route 66 and stop by the farm where you'll find some good playin' going on most nights.

Here's Jimmy up on the stage playing with Billy Barnett and the Smash band at Mile 277

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