1996 Fender Custom Shop Cunetto 1951 Nocaster Relic

For '50s-era guitarists who would soon be playing Rock'n roll, the Fender Broadcaster hit the music scene with the impact of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. The sound of the "plank" solid body became famous the world over. In 1951, they changed the name to the Nocaster, but not the fame! Now known as the Telecaster, the "plank" is still the main axe used by such greats as Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, and the Master of the Telecaster Albert Collins.

The Cunetto's marked the beginning of the Relic era. The first Cunetto Relics were built in 1995 when John Cruz and Jay Black were doing the building, John Page was the manager and Vince Cunetto was doing the Relic work. Jay Black and Cunetto show two "aged" prototypes at the 1995 Winter NAMM show. They are a hit and Cunetto opens shop in Missouri, receiving raw bodies from Fender, he begins to do his magic. The first shipment from the new facility, 20 Relic Nocasters, went on the truck on June 27, 1995 back to Corona for final assembly in the Custom Shop. Cunetto Relics have the engraved Custom Shop logo on the back of the headstock and are by far the best playing, most desirable and highly collectible Relics to ever come out of the Custom Shop.

This Cunetto Relic Nocaster is an exact replica of the original 1951 Nocaster. It is ALL ORIGINAL, right down to the last detail, including the paint 'halo' underneath the pickguard and the phillips screws.This guitar has a premium Ash body with a true old-fashioned 100% top-to-bottom nitrocellulose, ultra-thin relic finish and yeah, this does make a big difference in tone! This guitar is also very lightweight, weighing 7 lbs. 7.5 oz. It has a fat "U"-shape FLAME Maple neck with a 9.5" radius. The combination of a light body and fat stiff neck gives a woodier airier tone and with the Custom Nocaster Vintage Tele Single-Coil Pickups and a Hot bridge pickup, this guitar has just the right punch! This guitar is a players dream and a collectors prize! This guitar comes with the Fender Tweed hardshell case, the COA, bridge cover and MOJO! This is the chance of a lifetime, to get the guitar of your dreams!


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